Best Ewok Ever!

September 19, 2008

Those who wish to dispute this with me, can find me at http://www.clownpenis.fart


Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD Review

September 19, 2008

Son of a bitch! I don’t think I laughed that hard since seeing Super Bad for the first time. Seriously, saying my pants were soaked with pee, can’t begin to describe just how fucking hilarious this DVD is.

If you have never seen this episode of Robot Chicken, go to your local Best Buy right fucking now and get it. Go. Right now. Do it. Move your ass. Then when you get home, don’t even bother watching the show first. Head straight for the extra features, for that’s where all the action takes place. Granted, a night of beer drinking and constant Robot Chicken kicks major ass. But I shit you not, when I say I almost died. Read the rest of this entry »

Fight Music

September 19, 2008

Oh Mars is signing off for the weekend. I leave you with my favorite drinking/fighting song.

Jude Law May Play Watson

September 19, 2008

(The title of this post is fun to say out loud).

I thought I may be too hungover tired to give a hoot about anything this morning, but I’m pretty excited about this project. Variety reports that dashing chap Jude Law is in talks to play Watson alongside Robert Downey Jr’s Holmes:

Jude Law is negotiating to join Robert Downey Jr. in “Sherlock Holmes,” the drama that Guy Ritchie will direct for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures.

Law is expected to close a deal shortly to play Watson, the super-sleuth’s sidekick.

I think that Ritchie can keep it dirty and bring the grit to Doyle’s stories. That dark London shit he’s about. Downey can do whatever the fuck he wants. And Law? Yeah, yeah I’m down with him. Sure he’s a pretty boy¬† (when I say pretty I mean he could literally charm the pants of a nun) but remember him play as the hitman/perv/sketchball in Road to Perdition? And in Sleuth he played a character playing a character who was sort of like Watson. Now, in the books Watson was an oinker, so I hope he puts on a ton of weight for the role. That would be worth going to see in itself. Case closed.