September 15, 2008

Decked out in a custom Boba Fett costume complete with turntable jet-pack and thick gold chain, Morgan Phillips (aka Supergenius, at the time) walks the streets of NYC as suspicious spectators snap photos. A complete aura of mackness surrounds him and the visual of the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter thrown into NYC circa Raising Hell is unforgettable.

The indie-documentary Starwoids was a watershed moment in my Star Wars fandom. It showed SW fans doing they damn thing but the part about Supergenius stood out. The other cats in the movie were talking about what SW had done for them, and yeah, SG talked about that in his part, but it was more about what he had done for the culture. Rather than just be a consumer, Phillips used his SW passion to Voltron his other interests and talents into all that is Suckadelic; in my opinion, the personification of fandom. Because it’s what you make for yourself out of your fandom and culture, not what they make out of you.

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“Look Sir, Droids” — A Short Film by Suckadelic

September 15, 2008

The Classic 1998 Breakdancing Stormtrooper super8 stop motion adventure!

It’s The Great Dolemite, Charlie Brown!

September 15, 2008

I almost fucking died while watching this.