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September 4, 2008

We Post Like No One Out There Can Fuck With Us.


Harvey Dent is 100% DEAD

September 4, 2008

Sorry Rumor-Mill Boners, straight from the horse’s mouth and Comingsoon.net:

CS/SHH!: So you were never signed on for another film?
Eckhart: No, I’m not coming back. I think unfortunately, Heath [Ledger] was supposed to go on and that didn’t work out. I’m nobody. I’m a cog. I have no say over this sort of stuff. I’m sure that there’s so many other characters that they could whip together.

Battlestar Galactica TV Movie Details

September 4, 2008

The  Battlestar Galactice cast is scheduled to begin shooting September 8, 2008 the second TV movie that will first air on the SCI FI Channel and then immediately be released to DVD.

The 2-hour movie will act as an extended episode and is set in the “Lay Your Burdens Down” time period, according to Michael Hogan, who plays Colonel Saul Tigh on BSG.

In the Saturday panel at Dragon ConEdward James Olmos said the story would address what happened between his character Bill Adama and Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) on New Caprica. The DVD movie, Olmos said, “is about how Adama gets laid.” Frack!

Olmos will also assume directing duties for the as-of-yet untitled TV movie.

Let’s Go Voltron Film!

September 4, 2008

“Activate Interlock. Dynotherms connected. Intracells up. Megga thrusters are go!” Do I need to finish?

Every boy in his mid to late 20’s still wishes, deep down, that they could pilot one of those robotic felines. Apparently so much so that a live action adaptation of the show is in the works. Max Makowski (never heard of the dude myself) is set to direct. The film is said to be one of those post apocalyptic Earth settings, probably with five chowder head jocks as the pilots. Be ready for lots of CG and green screen since we have forgotten the lost art of miniatures and matte paintings. Much like the lost knowledge of Greek architecture and Egyptian pyramid construction.

Gyllenhaal Love Comes Full Circle

September 4, 2008

Created by Cowboy Caleb.

Albino Piccolo

September 4, 2008

When a live action version of an anime is being concieved, what goes on inside the heads of those snooty, college bred, pretentious writers?  You’d think a project of, say Dragon Ball, is quite simple.  The characters have already been created, drawn, and served on a silver platter.  Why go and make changes that make no sence? Read the rest of this entry »

Saving Grace of the Writer’s Strike

September 4, 2008

Nerds around the world are more than aware that season 2 of Heroes has been released on DVD. How many of you have watched the alternate ending? Because my job mostly revolves around how much TV and movies can be watched by one person, I have seen said ending.

A true “Thank You” should be said to those who worked on Heroes and went on strike. Read the rest of this entry »