Blastie from the pastie

August 28, 2008

Lord Ohmars recently posted some video with an epic amount of ’80’s cartoon intros.  Well here’s one that was forgotten, but sure as shit, not by me.

By the Gods, our generation had the best cartoons of all time!


Pedophile Throwback

August 28, 2008

Before the Internet and chat rooms, you really had to do something special to get a young man to take off his shirt and ride you like a lion while his buddy wears a safari hat and takes pictures. Neptune King of the Sea.

Righteous Kill Clip

August 28, 2008 has posted an exclusive clip from the upcoming Jon Avnet (Risky Business) directed Righteous Kill. The screenplay was written by Russell Gewitz (Inside Man) so it should be good. This clip begs to differ. It’s pretty short, granted, but pretty fucking uninspired too.

Check it out here.

Journey at the Center of the Earth

August 28, 2008

Vin Diesel in a Stupid Movie?

August 28, 2008

Apparently, Babylon A.D. director Mathieu Kassovitz thinks the movie he spent 5 years on is “stupid.” He got really heated in an interview with AMC and said he’d be willing to go to war with those pussies at Fox, only they don’t give a shit. This oddly makes me want to see the movie even more now. Read the full article here.

Sharing his resentment towards the -starrer film to AMC, the “” director admitted that it fails to deliver any of the messages it should send to the audience. “It’s pure violence and stupidity,” he said. “The movie is supposed to teach us that the education of our children will mean the future of our planet. All the action scenes had a goal: They were supposed to be driven by either a metaphysical point of view or experience for the characters… instead parts of the movie are like a bad episode of 24.”

Ash, What Was Your Special Order? LEGOS?

August 28, 2008

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Sha-Na-Na-Na On Your Knees! Knees!

August 28, 2008


Federal authorities say they have arrested a blogger suspected of streaming songs from Guns N’ Roses unreleased album, “Chinese Democracy,” on his Web site.

FBI agents arrested 27-year-old Kevin Cogill this morning (Aug. 27) on suspicion of violating federal copyright laws. Federal authorities say Cogill posted nine unreleased Guns N’ Roses songs on in June. The songs were later removed but spread quickly across the Internet.

According to an arrest affidavit, Cogill admitted to agents that he posted the songs on his Web site.

“Chinese Democracy” has been in the works for more than a decade, with frontman Axl Rose the only remaining original member of the once mighty group. Rumblings that the album may finally be out this fall, possibly as a Best Buy exclusive, have not been confirmed by Guns N’ Roses or its management.