Time for a PS3

August 9, 2008

Fans of God of War, raise your cyber hands in the air.  The next chapter in the epic saga of Kratos, will be hitting our consoles sometime next year.  Looks like a new PS3 will be dawning the entertainment hall of Castle Camelot.


Ay Yo SW-Heads, Chill the Fuck Out!

August 9, 2008

(This has nothing, NOTHING, to do with Defender 669’s preceding article; this is to slay some personal dragons…I am, in fact, just as wary as him about The Clone Wars. Let’s agree to disagree). 

Some Star Wars (SW) fans need to chill out. Without inserting links and keying up to other websites (www.toplessrobot.com; the dopeness), there is evidence out there that some SW kids have not grown out of their Ewok PJs. Seriously cats, grow the fuck up. No shit SW is appealing to 8 year olds, however, I would never say it’s AIMED at 8 year olds (Lucas knows an 8 year old’s income is like 5 bucks a week if he mows). If something means a lot to you, you should be critical about it and never blink — Autobotsroll loves video games, it’s cool if he shits on a few. Defender loves movies with axes and loin cloths, it’s cool if the Red Sonja remake pisses him off. Read the rest of this entry »