Harry Potter and the そして壊されたビデオ

August 6, 2008

I never got into Harry Potter, but I did watch a butt-load of Power Rangers as a pup and I’d say this is fairly accurate. So enjoy, “If Harry Potter was a Japanese Television Show.”


Appaloosa Trailer

August 6, 2008

Ed Harris and Aragon team up again a la History of Violence for this western drama based on the best-selling Apaloosa. The trailer is fresh, then BOOM…”An Ed Harris Film.” F*cking amazing.

Movie Curses

August 6, 2008

Ledger’s pushing up daisies, Bale gets busted, and Freeman crashes his car; landing himself in the hospital, (all incredibly fucked up things) and everyone is shouting out “CURSE!”. That would be two cursed DC-related movies in a list of movies surrounded by tragedy. Not something that should be taken seriously, but damned fun to read about.

Read about some famous movie curses after tha jumping off…

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Indiana Jones and the Paper Weight of Doom

August 6, 2008

From Kotobukiya, Japanese maker of all things awesome (and expensive) comes the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ARTFX Theater (theater?) diorama-collage-thingy. Mola Ram looks most triumphant clutching that flaming heart; Short Round and Willie just cruising (whoa — two posts in one day concerning Johnathan Ke Quan, fucked up). Check out more photos here.

Available in October. Of this year.

One Sheet Poster for Hellride

August 6, 2008

Here’s the poster for Larry Bishop’s biker movie revival, Hellride. A wet dream for badasses.

Goonies Sequel — In the Big Shit Now

August 6, 2008

Josh Brolin sure has grown up to be hella-successful.  And that will probably stop him from being in a sequel to one of the most beloved movies of my generation, The Goonies. Overall, this is kind of scary. Nothing is in stone yet, but over at Moviehole.com they are reporting from a reliable source that:

“Warner Bros are finally going to give it the respect it deserves – this will be a large-scale theatrical release.. a tentpole. It will not be a direct-to-video release.

(A source at Warner Bros has since confirmed this – saying they are developing it as a major movie, but won’t share anything other than that. Nothing we didn’t already know though)”

I’m crazy thankful they’re not remaking Gooonies, and are doing an actual sequel with (presumably) the original cast — it’s debatable whether Warner Bros. will pay the hefty fee to have Brolin return to the movie; even if he’ll want to do it at all. But I’m also sick of my childhood being fucked with: GI Joe, TMNT, Monster Squad, etc. The pop culture from my early years helped make me who I am today. It’s something I want to pass down to my children the way my father did for me. I don’t want a studio fucking that up.