Choke on This Trailer

August 2, 2008

Trailer for the new Chuck Palahniuk-adaptation, Choke. This was the last Palahniuk book I read back when it first came out. It was the last because it felt like he was writing the same characters over and over again. I’ll see the movie solely because I dig Sam Rockwell. He’s one of the few actors I want to go have a drink with. Maybe talk shit. Maybe play Big Buck Hunter. He blew my fucking mind in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Matchstick Men. Not in the Hitchhiker’s Guide; I’m not blaming him for that though. The MPAA confuses the bajeebus out of me because this has the vibe on an NC-17 movie. Peep.

Here’s the theatrical trailer and follow the link below for the ADULTS ONLY Red Band Trailer:

Red Band With Boobies


Step Brothers Review — An Hour Too Long

August 2, 2008

I laughed through the entire first half hour and then just wished it would stop. It was way too fucking long and the whole schtick got played out pronto; two middle-aged white guys rapping — how is that funny? You would think Will Ferrell and Adam McKay had some imagination in their tack, but don’t because they don’t. And Will Ferrell, could you please stop playing either a man-child or a cocky prick? I know you’re always expected to produce something or other to reaffirm your curly-haired clinch on the milkshake of the comedy muse, but how about some range (Stranger Than Fiction was crazy boring and doesn’t mean you paid your dues).

And will the DVD of this forgetful movie be a two-disk, of course it will.