Jettison Your Loved Ones, Featuring Max of Heavyweights

August 30, 2008

A short film featuring Max Goldblatt, which will also help explain his photo included in the interview.


Heavyweights X 300

August 30, 2008

Featuring voiceovers as accurate as the “Seymour Buttz” routine in Heavyweights.

RETURN TO CAMP HOPE. The RBM Exclusive Interview.

August 30, 2008

With the construction of Apatow World underway in Dubai, we as fans, critics, and consumers should back up and examine where it all began for Judd. Before Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up, and Superbad, rewind to 1995; the year of Waterworld, Batman Forever, and Goldeneye, but who remembers those throwaway, dollar VHS bin blemishes? 1995, brothers and sisters, was the year Disney released Heavyweights. Written by Apatow and Steven Brill (who also directed), Heavyweights is an affectionate, rude, and hee-sterical validation of the camp-comedy genre.

The movie revolves around Gerald Garner (Aaron Schwartz) and his summer at a fat camp, Camp Hope. Gerald is assigned to the Chipmunk Bunk and befriends the dopest group of bunkmates a young man could ever wish for (especially if you’re a Mighty Ducks fan). But their summer of go-karts and candy caches quickly becomes a summer of hell when the Godzilla of fitness takes over the camp, Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller – his image and name mysteriously absent from the movie poster and DVD cover). Pushed to the brink of insanity and hunger, the campers flip the script on Tony by farting in his face followed by duping him into falling in a tiger-pit. What did you do at summer camp? Make a bird feeder out of pinecones and peanut butter? These kids lock their counselor in an electrified cage, play recordings to remind him how skinny his weiner is, and throw the bombest bonfire party E-V-E-R.

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Heavyweights Refresher Course

August 30, 2008

For those who have forgotten the power and the glory…

Brown Christmas

August 30, 2008

Sure, it’s the end of August and Christmas isn’t for another 4 months. So what. While looking for something to keep my lazy ass awake at work, Black Christmas caught my attention. Now this isn’t the 1974 version that the entire world should watch at least once in their life (myself included). The film that was chosen happened to be the much hated re-make. Chastise me all you want cyber nerds, but when you have a collection the size of mine, desperate times call for desperate measures….and I was just plain curious.

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The Sex-Files

August 30, 2008

The following article is courtesy of

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – “X-Filesstar David Duchovny, who currently plays a womanizing writer on the cable television series “Californication,” said on Thursday he has entered a facility for treatment of sex addiction.

Duchovny, 48, sprang to fame starring as the conspiracy-minded FBI agent Fox Mulder on Fox network’s paranormal thriller “The X-Files,” which spawned two big-screen spinoffs, one of which ran in theaters this summer.

He has been married since 1997 to actress Tea Leoni, with whom he has a 9-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son.

“I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction,” he said in a statement released through his lawyer, Stanton “Larry” Stein. “I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.”

(funny….who would’ve thought that Fox Mulder, lover of porn, would truly be a sex addict.)

Excuse Me, Are Those Bugle Boy Jeans You’re Wearing?

August 29, 2008

Diamond Select: Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark Ultimate Quarter Scale Figure

(That joke belongs in a museum.)